Pitting the Gaze

In early 2012, as my research in ‘Out of the Darkness’ began to consider the power of the gaze, in it’s various guises, one of the most important questions I asked myself was should I, or should I not, include the faces of convicted paedophiles in my work?  I didn’t want to give them any sense of power through interpretation, so I began to play with the idea of various ways I could approach the problem.  The intention was to pit the empowered gaze of the innocent against the disempowered gaze of the perpetrator ..

paedo faces           P 1

I appropriated many images of convicted paedophiles from the internet and decided to eliminate the problem of their gaze.  The problem was .. how?  I began to remove the eyes from the images in various ways, some of which are pictured above.   I have continued to work with appropriated images of the convicted, though I have become more selective about which perpetrators I use in my more recent work.

Progress during the MA .. ‘Stains’, 2015

As my research into gaze theory progressed,  I began to implement more extensive ideas about the gaze, and the faces became part of a multifaceted approach, looking to Lacan’s theorizing of the gaze, reducing the faces to the role of the ‘stain’ in my work (theoretically, metaphorically and literally).

Recalcitrant Stanis close up  Recalcitrant Inside Wardrobe

See Recalcitrant



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