17000 Ejaculations


17000 Ejaculations (mixed media), 2012/13

17000 Ejaculations formed the sculptural part of the ‘Out of the Darkness’ installation.  It was created using the cast of a child, covered with 17000 wax drips, each of which symbolises an ejaculation, as the piece is based on the number of reported cases of child sexual abuse against children aged 15 and under  in the England and Wales for the year 2011 to 2012, 17,362 , to be precise.

The wax was dripped in such a way as to form the figure 17000 along one arm, and light was applied to create a shadow of the figure on the wall behind.


In 2016, in preparation for my first solo exhibition ‘A Still Small Voice’, I had been adding to the drips in order to reach the revised figure relating to the same crimes across the UK for 2015 (which were estimated at over 36000), but, unfortunately, the sculpture met with a disaster, crashing to the ground 5 days before it was due to be hung.  After a rapid repair job, the piece was hung in a state as close to it’s original state as possible.

17000 ejaculations window

I will continue to work on the sculpture .. as long as the figures continue to rise!

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