Tina Warren was born in Blackpool, England, where she worked as a mural and commissioned artist for many years until gaining a Lancaster University accredited, 1st Class Honours degree in Fine Art and Professional Practice in 2013.  She was subsequently approached by Lancaster University and awarded an MA Scholarship in 2014, graduating a year later with a Distinction in Art by Research.  In 2015 after winning the Neo:Artprize ‘GreatArt’ Prize,  she was offered a solo exhibition at Blott Studio, Blackpool, where she continued an association until 2018, taking part in various feminist exhibitions.

Her work takes a critical view of sociopolitical and environmental issues from a feminist perspective, with a focus on abuse, abuse of power, and societal indoctrination and apathy, at the personal and political, local and global levels. She is interested in the psychological impact that people have on each other, past, present and future, and takes a particular interest in various aspects of ‘gaze’ theory in relation to power dynamics.  Her work is often from the perspective of the deceived child, considering issues of betrayal and devastation of mental and emotional stability.  Her practice is research based, multidisciplinary and her methodology is driven by  concept.