Open Focus, Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington, Feb 2020

Haworth Ex

Full room exhibit .. 14 pieces including The Gaze (Mugshot) 2020.

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Marking the Martyrs,  Blott Artist Studio, Blackpool                                          June 2018

‘Fermenting Feminism’, 2018, ‘Black Friday’, 2018                                              ‘Emily’s Gaze’, 2018 and ‘The Wardress’ (not pictured)

sugar and spite poster 1Sugar and Spite,  Blott Artist Studio, Blackpool                                                  August 2016

‘Anarchy is Order without Power, ‘L’anarchie, c’est l’ordre sans le pouvoir’, ‘Proudhon’, 1849. 2016, Proudhon’, 2016, Perspective, 2016.

A Still Small Voice,  Blott Artist Studio, Blackpool
May 2016

Solo Exhibition

17000 ejaculations window

generic flyer small back

Be The Banana Skin Feminist Intervention, Blott Artist Studio, Blackpool March 2016

‘The Gaze’, 2016 / ‘fml’, 2014 / ‘Disarm’, 2016 (Not pictured)

The Gaze at Blott 2   fml at Blott

Test:bed (in ass with ArtCOP21 Paris), Abingdon Studios                                                                     Dec 2015

‘Sponsored by Nestle’, 2015

'Sponsored by Nestle'2

lancaster artsRecalcitrant, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster                                                                   Duo exhibition, Sept 2015

Multiple works


neo:artprize, Boltonartprize2015

‘fml’, Aug – Nov 2015

fml neo

Alumni Exhibition, The Gallery, Blackpool
‘fml’, Dec 2014-Feb 2015


Open Up North Exhibition, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.OUN 2014

‘fml’, May 2014

fml in Sugar Store

Thirteen, Brick Lane Gallery, LondonThirteenTHE-BRICK-LANE-GALLERY-LONDON
‘Gaze’, ‘Next Time’, ‘Next Time He Comes ..’, June 2013

Brick Lane 1

Degree Showcase, Blackpool
‘Out of the Darkness’ Installation, June 2013

Peep Exhibition, Cube Gallery, Manchester
‘Gaze’, ‘Next Time He Comes ..’, June 2013

Cube 2013

Equality & Diversity Exhibition,  Blackpool-and-the-Fylde-College
The Gallery, Blackpool
‘Next Time He Comes ..’
& Critical Writing projection, March 2013

Equality & Diversity 1

The Blackpool Art Fair, Grundy Art Gallery,logo
‘Hush Little Baby’, Nov 2011

Open Up North Exhibition,OPEN-UP-NORTH
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
‘Retribution’, Oct 2011

Retribution at Brewery

Equality & Diversity Exhibition, blackpool_fylde_logo

The Gallery, Blackpool
‘Charlie’, April 2011

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