A Still Small Voice

Fight and Flight, 2015. Water based oil on linen.

A Still Small Voice was a collated body of work generated from the research undertaken during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, in which I addressed the difficult subject matter of child abuse. Taking an oppositional stance and utilising symbolic empowerment, set within an allegorical narrative, I conducted a phenomenological exploration into the power dynamics of ‘the gaze’ in an attempt to effectuate various states of consciousness.

The Gaze, 2015. 16″ x 16″. Water based oil on canvas.

The Medusa trope .. the face of female rage? .. metaphor for castration?  Her myth is inherently linked to notions of power and transformation, from conventionally perceived notions of beauty to monstrosity, to the effect of her gaze. 

A Still Small Voice Installation, 2016. Christening gown, white light box, video.

17000 Ejaculations, 2015. Wax, recycled plastics, fishing wire.

Selection of works from the exhibition. A New Lesson to Learn, 2016, MKULTRA, 2016.